Create Polaroid Picture Magnets Using Super Glue!

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tiny Polaroid picture magnets


Making Polaroid picture magnets can be a fun experience, a chance to create a gift that is perfect for Mother’s Day, a friend’s birthday, or even Valentine’s Day. This project is simple, quick, and very sweet! Using some Super Glue you can make your adorable pictures into fridge magnets!

What you need:

  • Mounting Board
  • Magnets
  • Super Glue & Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush – (Small & large)
  • White Paint
  • Pictures

Step 1: Print out your images in a polaroid frame/sticker and then using some mod podge go ahead and glue your images down to your mounting board. You can also paint the frame onto the image, but requires another step and time to dry – printing them out with the stencil makes it that much easier!

Step 2: Using a small paint brush paint the edges of the mounting board in white to resemble a Polaroid and to also hide the board. Put aside for about 30 minutes to let the glue and the paint dry.

Step 3:   A drop of Super Glue on the back of the magnet and place the magnet on the back of your Polaroid. The glue will dry within seconds and they are ready to use as personalized Polaroid magnets!

The great thing about this project is that you can create as many as you want. Creating these magnets is very simple and can be given to friends, family, or keep them for yourself! Decorate your fridge with amazing photos of your kids, loved ones, and pets. Show us your fridge magnet creations on our Facebook page.

Toy Repair and Plastic Fuse Future Glue

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repair your child's favorite toy  - dump truck image 1

Like just about every other child in the world, my two year old son has a favorite toy – a bright red, plastic toy truck. Preserving the life of this toy seems to be the key to preserving his happiness at the moment. I tried everything to repair this toy, but it just kept falling apart. After a few times of him coming to me with eyes full of tears and hands full of red plastic truck pieces, I discovered Plastic Fuse Future Glue.

What does Plastic Fuse Future Glue do?

Future Glue is a liquid gel bonding compound. That helps secure all plastic parts. Here are some of it’s features:

  • Recommended for polyethylene and polypropylene

  • It sets quickly, allowing repaired items to be used again without much wait

  • Works on porous and non-porous surfaces

  • Repairs furniture, housewares and toys

Future Glue Application

Applying the plastic fuse future glue is quite simple. First you’ll want to clean and dry the surface you want to attach. Then you can apply a layer to the dismantled piece. If it is a larger plastic piece, simply rotate it while applying the glue to make sure the area is fully covered. Lastly, assemble the applied piece and allow 1-5 minutes for the adhesive to set.

From beloved plastic toy dump trucks, to your own car’s dashboard, plastic fuse future glue can be essential in effective repairs. Do you have any uses or ideas for this gel adhesive? If so, please visit our Facebook page. We’d love for you to share your ideas with us!

Going the Extra Tile with Waterproof Epoxy Adhesive

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waterproof epoxy for tiles

How come it always seems like just before a party or gathering, I suddenly remember the handful of household repairs I meant to get to ages ago? Super Glue’s Waterproof Epoxy Adhesive really came to the rescue on one such occasion, the day before my daughter’s 16th birthday I noticed a few missing tiles. I wanted everything to look presentable and pristine in time for the party. I decided to apply the adhesive to my pool tiles due to it’s waterproof and quick-bonding capabilities.

So What does Waterproof Epoxy Adhesive do?:

  • Works underwater or in the presence of water

  • It remains waterproof

  • Acts perfectly for marine projects

  • Produces a strong, flexible bond

  • Sets in just 3-4 hours

  • Works on ceramic, fiberglass, rubber, wood and other materials

After seeing how easily and efficiently I was able to repair my pool, I even had time to use this waterproof epoxy on my shower tiles. Like the pool repair, this project was simple and quick. Not to mention, the 2-part syringe applicator left no spilling or mess when securing these tiles. Thankfully, I was able to get my home repairs done quickly and easily and everything looked great for the party.

Did you use Super Glue’s Waterproof Epoxy Adhesive for a household repair? Please share your projects and ideas on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

Don’t Toss it Out – Repair it with Bondini!

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Repairs with bondini for birdhouses


Have you had the misfortune of seeing your bird house broken and on the floor? Whether you made your birdhouse or purchased it, no one wants to see a broken birdhouse! Using Bondini Everything Gel, you can repair your bird house and quickly place it back in its spot.

How to Use Bondini Everything Gel:

The best part about using this adhesive is that it works on a broad range of surfaces. If your birdhouse is made out of wood, plastic, or cardboard you can still use this gel to repair it.

Step 1: Gather all the pieces of your birdhouse, including all the small pieces.

Step 2: Carefully lay out all of your pieces and display them in the position they will be placed. This way you can quickly apply the Bondini adhesive quickly and not worry about trying to make it fit.

Step 3: It’s best to glue your bigger pieces first and then your smaller ones, this is because you will need enough room to place the bigger pieces correctly.

Step 4: Often times when things break it may be difficult to find all the pieces or the pieces may have gotten destroyed from the fall, but you can still find a way to salvage your work of art. For example, for a birdhouse you can use pebbles, tiles, or even seashells to cover the gaps of the broken areas.

Get creative and decorate your birdhouse with any items you want, Bondini is powerful enough to hold any product in place.

Get your birdhouse ready and put them up as soon as you can, birds are continually looking for nesting areas, so you never know where the little visitors will claim residence. Show us how Bondini Everything Gel helped you fix your birdhouse and other valuable household items on our Facebook page!

Super Glue’s Shabby Chic Easter Scrapbook Page

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Scrapbooking just in time for Easter


Springtime has arrived so let’s get crafty. Save your Easter pictures and create a fun page by using Super Glue’s Front Porch Treasure to help you display your favorite memories on this brightly colored shabby chic scrapbook page. By gathering your leftover pieces of paper, ribbons, and buttons you can assemble the perfect page for those sweet Easter time moments.

What You Need:

  • 3-6 sheets of craft paper
  • Double-sided Glue Tape Dispenser
  • Super Glue Gel
  • Scrap pieces of ribbon and/or lace
  • 30-40 different buttons
  • 1-3 of your favorite Easter photos

Creating Your Scrapbooking Art:

Step 1: Select your background paper. It can be a shade of a certain color that matches the shades seen in your photos, or simply something that you like. However, due to the large display of color from the buttons and ribbons, a less busy background is recommended. You then can attach another piece of craft paper on top of the background, using the glue tape dispenser, for a more layered look.

Step 2:  To start your ribbon flower, lightly draw a large circle in the center of your page. Remember to make the diameter of your circle large enough to place your selected Easter photos inside. Once you have outlined your flower circle you can begin to glue down your scraped pieces of ribbon. Remember, don’t be afraid to mess up. The shabby chic quality of this page only enhances its charm.

Step 3: Next add your buttons. After rummaging through your craft supplies or purchasing a bag of craft buttons, Super Glue Gel your selected buttons on top of the circle of ribbon. You can even add small fabric flowers and bows to your buttons for an additional element of cuteness.

Step 4: Next you can attach your Easter photos with the Double-Sided Glue Tape Dispenser. We all know the feeling of attaching a photo and regretting its placement, but the Double-Sided Glue Tape is ideal for photos because it allows a brief window of time for repositioning before it’s permanently glued.

Step 5: Lastly, you can use the Double-Sided Glue Tape for finishing your page off with an Easter memories message. Cut out letters or even adhesive craft letters would work well here.

Did you make a super shabby chic Easter scrapbook page? Please share it on our Facebook page. We would love to see your creation!

Create a Valentine’s Day Jewelry Holder She Will Love

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Wine cork jewelry holder



Love is in the air, everywhere you look around. Gentlemen, you have probably been planning your Valentine’s Day for about a month now and you still may find yourself coming up short when it comes to finding her the perfect gift. Well, in any case you haven’t noticed the day of love is approaching quickly and you have a pile of things to do besides put that last decorative flower icing on her red velvet cupcake. Don’t worry about going out to the expensive jewelry store this year. Our Super Glue team has you covered! You can create this quick and easy DIY project that shows her how creative your heart really is for her.
Crafts Needed:

Creating the Masterpiece:

Take your wine corks and wipe them down and make sure they are completely dry to work with. Place all your materials on a flat and smooth surface; preferably make your workstation on an old placemat or craftsman table if you have one. Place all your corks in a row with their labels up, that way you can see what the finished product may look like.

One at a time take a screw hook and twist it into the bottom of the wine cork all the way in, just as you would as you try pulling out the wine cork with a wine opener. Twist the hook to the appropriate area that you like, so that way the label or decorative symbol of the wine cork is facing you. Continue to do this until all the wine corks have hooks in them. Lastly, insert a screw hook into the top of the first and last wine cork so that way you can attach your hanging lace or chain.

Now you are ready to glue them together. Using super glue, connect two corks together side by side and press them firmly until they are bonded. Start from the middle and work your way out to the left and right side until you have attached the last two end pieces. Here’s a crafter’s tip, apply the glue to the backside of each wine cork, so that way the glue does not show up in the front of the cork display.

Once you have connected all the pieces together, allow the glue to dry. As we said before you may want to use something old to lay the corks out to dry, but if you have nothing laying around a paper plate is a perfect resting place for your jewelry holder.

Pick up the artwork with both hands to ensure that every cork is bonded together. If you need to, apply more glue and allow it to dry. Once you are happy with the strength of the bonded corks, now you can add on your hanging lace or chain. If you used ribbon, cut about 10 to 12 inches of the material and tie it to the top hooks on both ends of the holder. Make sure the knots are tight and test it out on your doorknob to make sure that the corks and hooks stay in place.

Did you create a memorable piece that she will love forever? Show us how your Valentine’s Day jewelry holder turned out on our Facebook page.

Super Glue Magnetic Scrabble Board

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Scrabble Board Magnets and Tiles


Are you tired of using a notepad on the fridge door? With our magnetic scrabble board you can turn any message and Scrabble into a stylish home décor! This project is easy to put together with our original Super Glue.

What You Need:

  • Super Glue
  • Scrabble tiles
  • Picture frame – large or small
  • Disc Magnets
  • Metal sheet (based on the frame’s size)
  • Newspaper or old book & mod podge (Optional)

Step 1: Glue Magnets to Tiles

Start by gluing each disc magnet to the back of each tile. The good thing is that all you need is a small drop of our Super Glue to firmly apply the magnets onto the tiles. You don’t have to worry about holding the pieces together as it dries; the strong adhesive dries instantly!

Step 2: Personalize Your Board

Once your tiles are ready, it’s time to start working on the frame. Based on the size of your picture you may need to cut your metal sheet to fit properly. Once it is at the proper size, you can use a thin layer of glue and apply it to the sheet and press it to the frame firmly.

If you do not want the metal showing, you can choose to decorate it. Paint it any color you want or use an older dictionary, book, or even newspaper pages to stick to the letter theme. Apply a thin layer of mod podge to your sheet, layer the pages and apply another thin layer on top to protect the pages.

Step3: Leave Messages for Your Loved Ones

The final product is great for an ongoing game with someone or leaving messages and reminders. Plus it acts as creative art décor! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this scrabble board can be the perfect way to leave your loved one a sweet message every morning. You can also make it permanent by using Super Glue to glue your tiles directly onto the picture frame (without your metal sheet & magnets) spelling out a beautiful quote!

Show us your message magnet scrabble boards on our Facebook page.

Super Glue’s DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Students!

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Valentine's day cards for kids

This Valentine’s Day be the roaring mom with these amazingly easy and adorable Valentine’s Day cards for your children to exchange at school. Using Super Glue’s foam mounting dots you can easily create these cute Valentine’s Day cards in no time at all.

What You Need:

·         Super Glue’s Front Porch Treasures Foam Mounting Dots

·         Construction Paper – Red or various of colors

·         Chocolates – Individually wrapped

·         Googly eyes

Step 1:  Create Your Dinosaur

To start, cut out a Stegosaurus shape dinosaur out of your construction paper, you can create different cards using different dinosaurs or use the same dinosaur for all of your cards. After cutting out your dinosaurs you can use Super Glue’s mounting dots to attach the dinosaur to your card. You can also use your mounting dots to glue googly eyes on to the dinosaurs.

Step 2:  You’re Dino-Mite!

For your quote, you can write it directly on the card or simply print it out and tape it to your card. Here are a few quotes you can use to make each card a little different:

·         “Thanks for being my FRIEND-Osaurus”

·         “Have a DYNO-mite Valentine’s Day”

·         “I think you are DYNO-mite!”

·         “You make my heart SAUR”

Step 3: Mount on Chocolates with our Mounting Dots!

Now comes the fun part! Take your foam mounting dots and place it on the back of each individually wrapped chocolate and place them on your dinosaur to create a Stegosaurus The strong adhesive is double sided so you can simply paste it to the chocolate and then on to your card and the kids who receive them will be able to take the chocolate off easily!

Share your DIY Valentine’s Day cards for students on our Facebook page; we would love to see how you incorporate our Foam Mounting Dots!


Super Glue’s Tailgating Tips and Tricks

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tailgate food


The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks are going to the NFL’s Super Bowl XLIX, are you ready for some football? Time to start prepping your vehicles with amazing food and drinks! Here are few a tips and tricks that are guaranteed to help you have a successful Super Bowl Sunday!

Have an Mini Emergency Kit Ready

It’s always better to be over prepared than under prepared. In a small Ziploc bag you should have: an assortment of bandages, pain relievers (Advil, Tylenol, and Benadryl), antibacterial wipes, pocket knife or scissors, bottle opener, and of course Super Glue. When you plan to live out of a car for an entire day many things can go wrong. Super Glue is able to repair any broken cooking utensils, equipment and more – and best of all it’s perfect for traveling!

Freeze Your Water Bottles

Instead of filling coolers with tons of ice (which will take up lots of space) – place all your water bottles in the freezer a night or two before and then throw them in your cooler to keep all of your appetizers and delectables cold. This will save you tons of space, and your food will stay nice and cold before all of the ice melts!

Large Plastic Tub

Place all your cookware in a large plastic container. Not only will this make it easier for you to find all your cooking utensils, but it will also make it so much simpler to clean up! Once you are ready to pack up, throw all your dirty dishes back in the container and you won’t have to worry about rinsing them before placing them in your car.

Cut and Pack in Advance

No one wants to spend time cutting up lettuce, tomato, onions and such. Have everything precut and ready to serve. Using foil containers you can easily pack all your items neatly in the container, close the container, place it in a cooler and then toss it in the trash when you’re done!

Whether you are cheering for the Patriots or the Seahawks, have your tailgating gear packed and ready! Share with us your tailgating tips and tricks on our Facebook page.


How to Super Glue Yourself to Your New Year’s Resolution

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new year's resolutions image 1


At the end of 2014, we all came up with our New Year’s resolutions but now halfway through January, how many of us are at the brink of quitting? Your team at Super Glue team is here to offer a few tips to help you super glue yourself to your 2015 New Year’s resolution!

Be Realistic

When creating your goal remain positive and realistic and know that it is completely reasonable to readjust your goal. Many times, we decide to cut out soda from our diet instantly, and then find ourselves failing 2 weeks later. Cutting something out completely may be too extreme, focus on cutting back, only allow yourself soda once every two weeks; this will be something more manageable and it will allow you to give in once in a while without completely abandoning your goal.

Create Mini Goals

Another great way for you to super glue yourself to your resolution is by creating mini goals within your goal. If your resolution is to lose 50 pounds, it may seem daunting and too difficult to tackle. Try setting up short goals on how to reach your weight loss goal. For example, by the end of April, your goal should be to lose 12.5 lbs, and by August you have another 12.5 to go. Using short term goals will give you more of a push and it will help you stick to your resolution!

Buddy System Never Fails

Keeping your New Year’s resolution is directly connected to the positive influences you surround yourself with; it is tough to go at it alone. Find a buddy who has a similar goal as you and you can both work on this goal together. And if you’re not able to find that buddy, surround yourself with positive influences. If your goal is to quit smoking, surround yourself with friends and family that will encourage and support your decision and stay away from those who cause you to break.

Create a Strong Bond with Your Resolution

Don’t quit on your New Year’s Resolution just yet, your team at Super Glue is here to support you and help you make 2015 the best year yet! Share your New Year’s resolution with us and what you are doing to accomplish it on our Facebook page.