Summer’s Here and So is Seashell Art

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Summer is officially here, providing the opportunity for arts and crafts DIYers to create some seasonally-inspired pieces. One of the best materials to use this time of year is seashells. Using rare shells or a variety of shells, you can create virtually any decoration you can imagine. Although some seashell art may be a little challenging to pull off with your kids, you can create a fun crafts project using anything you have handy. For instance, create a unique seashell candle (like the one pictured above) to serve as a centerpiece on your outdoor table during summer picnics.

Using Super Glue Glass Adhesive, you can easily bond a variety of shells to the outside of a glass candle holder and its base. Make sure your shells are clean and free of sand before gluing. If you are working with your kids, make sure to supervise them as they glue the shells to the glass. The Super Glue Glass Adhesive cures after about 10 minutes; just make sure to work outside, as the glue needs UV exposure to cure. Once your candle holder is decorated in summer style, enjoy a nice outdoor dinner by candlelight. Arts and crafts followed by dinner under the stars sounds like the perfect summer day to us.

Foam Models Made Easy with Zap-O Foam Safe CA and Zip Kicker

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In the past, we’ve shown you some great applications for Super Glue products on wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, and even paper products. But what if your hobbies include making models out of foam? After all, foam is a durable and lightweight modeling material that’s perfect for things like model boats or planes. Unfortunately, regular Super Glue is usually not suitable for adhering pieces of foam together. That’s where the Zap-O Foam Safe CA (cyanoacrylate) and Foam Safe Kicker come in.

Zap-O Foam Safe CA is, as its name implies, completely safe to use on most foams. It creates a strong bond that will keep your model together in even the toughest conditions. In fact, it’s more likely for the foam itself to break than the bond created with this special adhesive.

Use the Foam Safe Kicker in conjunction with the Zap-O and you will have a bond in seconds!

Pro Lok is Perfect for Model Helicopters

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Pro Lok Thread Lock is a must-have for many model hobbyists, especially if your model of choice is a remote control helicopter. As the video above demonstrates, using a threadlocker is essential to keeping your helicopter in the air. This is because a product like Pro Lok keeps nuts and bolts in place, resisting loosening due to vibration. This will keep your model in the air, and save you the hassle of having to make repairs because of a crash. Although the video deals with RC helicopters specifically, this is also good advice for model planes and even model cars that might have similar moving parts.

Pro Lok is best used for metal-to-metal applications. It goes on easily, sets fast, and holds strong. There are some instances where Pro Lock is inappropriate for threadlocking applications. Toward the end of the video, you’ll notice that the host suggests using “CA” if you’re bonding metal to plastic. “CA” stands for cyanoacrylate, which is a fancy way of saying Super Glue. Essentially, if you have Pro Lok and Super Glue, you can keep your models from rattling loose in mid-flight.

Buttons and Super Glue Make Beautiful Art

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[Photo Credit: Stylebandit Diaries]

Are you looking for a DIY craft project that’s fun, simple, and looks great? If so, then creating your very own mosaic out of assorted buttons may be the perfect project for you. This project calls for only a minimum of materials, and the result is always unique and colorful. And because the process is so simple, the potential for customization is virtually limitless. This is a great craft to do with the kids; just make sure to supervise all Super Glue use.

First, use a pencil to draw an outline of your design on the canvas. The mosaic above is a stag, but you can design anything with a large outline and minimal detailing. Once you have your design, all you need to do is adhere the buttons in place using Super Glue, use one of our precision applicators to perfectly place each drop. You can get a large amount of assorted buttons on eBay if you don’t already have them lying around. Fill in your outline with the buttons in random order to create the effect of the sample mosaic. Or, arrange the colors in patterns to create a design within your design. The only limit is your own imagination.

Have you ever tried this DIY craft at home? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your pictures and we might feature your projects here on our blog. Happy crafting.

A Great Gift for Grads

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[Photo Credit: Sometimes Creative]

Looking for a unique gift idea for your grad? There are a lot of great ideas out there, most of which involve creative ways to slip the grad some cash (never a bad way to go). But, while everyone appreciates the allure of cold hard cash, sometimes the occasion demands something a little more personal, especially if the grad in question is a close relation. You want a gift that is personal and meaningful, and nothing conveys that better than handcrafting and personal memories. The letter collage pictured above delivers on both counts.

These wooden letters can be found at most hobby stores. The one pictured above is about a foot tall, giving ample room to create a collage. You can print your pictures on regular printer paper in black and white to replicate the look displayed above. Use our Front Porch Treasures Glue Tape to hold it all together, and you have a one-of-a-kind gift for your grad to cherish. To make the gift most appropriate for the occasion, use the letters of your grad’s alma mater and use pictures from her time in school. It’s sure to mean more than money alone.

See Z-7 Debonder in Action

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In the video above, we see Z-7 Debonder working in real time to break the tough bond that Super Glue provides. Although this video was uploaded five years ago, it still provides some handy tips for hobbyists around the world (and the tip is use Z-7 Debonder to disassemble Super Glued models). Impressively, this hobbyist is able to take apart a small plastic figurine in less than two minutes using our Debonder, even though the glued parts of the model had somewhat deep joints (for a miniature).

As the video notes, Debonder is ideal for these types of jobs. However, it can damage some plastics, so be sure to test it first. It is also perfectly safe to use on skin, just in case you accidentally glue your fingers together while working on your models. The thickened formula of Debonder means it won’t run easily on surfaces, allowing you to apply it just where you need it. As demonstrated in the video, you can sand or file away the excess adhesive once the bond has been broken. On skin, just use your fingernail to pull up the residual Super Glue once the Debonder has done its job.

Happy Mother’s Day from Super Glue

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Now that Mother’s Day has passed, you may think the time for crafting the prefect Mother’s Day gift is gone too. On the contrary, now is the perfect time to record all of your Mother’s Day memories in a scrapbook. If you are like many people – including the majority of social media users, as far as we could tell – then you took plenty of excellent photos of you with your mom on her special day. Putting those photos in a scrapbook is the perfect way to turn those fleeting digital images into something tangible.

You can get most of your scrapbooking supplies at your local crafts store. But to really add depth and dimension to your scrapbook, make sure to place all of your photos and accent pieces using our Front Porch Treasures Extra Thick Foam Mounting Squares. Our friend Frank of Frank’s Prima ArtVenture recommends them to all of his students at his scrapbooking workshops.

If you really want to impress your mom, add to your Mother’s Day scrapbook with pictures of the two of you throughout the year, then give it to her next Mother’s Day. After all, your mom deserves to be on your mind more than just one day a year; why not show her?

Practical Science with Super Glue, Presented by National Geographic

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National Geographic Kids – I Didn’t Know That About Super Glue

It’s always fun to see Super Glue products put to the test, especially in a safe, controlled environment. We recently came across this video from National Geographic, and boy does it fit the bill. Industrial scientists Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips use some industrial strength double-sided tape – not totally unlike our Front Porch Treasures Foam Mounting Squares, although much stronger – to suspend themselves over a kiddie pool. Watch the video above to see how long the adhesive held up, as well as for a brief history of cyanoacrylate, that wonderful substance we’ve built our business on.

Getting Started: Tools for Drones, RC Airplanes, & Helicopters

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There is so much in the news about drones and all of the different uses for them, from warfare to home delivery of packages, today.  As with many “new concepts” this is actually just a new twist or extension of something hobbyists around the world have been involved with for decades.  Remote Control (RC) Airplanes, Cars, and Helicopters have an entire industry and cult following that hobbyists have participated in building, flying, and competing in enthusiastically over many, many years.  Super Glue Corporation has been working with these hobbyists, and collaborating along side of them, developing highly technical super glues, epoxies, threadlockers and a wide range of other adhesives specifically for their purposes, since the beginning.

Zap adhesives, specifically ZAP Threadlockers and ZAP CAs (cyanoacrylates or super glues) are two longstanding favorites of these hobbyists.  We also have foam safe products, super glues and kickers, that work great on foam based models.

Here is a terrific video for anyone interested in getting started with building Drones, RC Airplanes & Helicopters:

 [Video Credit:  The Basic RC Helicopter Build Tools Tutorial]

Who knows?  Once you get started with the RC airplane or helicopter hobby you may find yourself on track and well-prepared for a whole new career as drones really start taking off!!  Knowing the best adhesive products to have handy, like the maker of this video does, will set you apart as an expert!

Fun Recycled Bookmarks are a Cinch with Glue Tape

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Super Glue Tape Recycled Bookmarks

[Photo and Article Credit: Crafting a Green World]

Our Front Porch Treasures line is the go-to place for all your crafting adhesive needs. This week, we came across a fun craft that can help inspire your kids to read more and is good for the planet (we also think it’s a great activity for adults, particularly those who love comic books). Building your own recycled bookmarks is easy, fun, and allows you to have a lot of bookmarks on hand without spending upwards of $5 apiece on these essential reading aids at the local bookstore.

These DIY bookmarks can be made using an old comic book or your other favorite text, a reusable source of cardstock (like a cereal box), and our Front Porch Treasures Glue Tape Dispenser. You can find old comic books featuring your favorite characters at most comic book stores for under a dollar. These particular issues are never collector’s items and the stories are usually cheesy, but they still feature most of the superheroes and villains we love today.

Once you have your comics or other texts in hand, you’ll need to create a template. Just cut a piece of cardboard into a 2”x6” rectangle and use it to trace out the comic for your bookmark. You can round the edges if you like. Use the same template to cut your cardstock, then use the Glue Tape to adhere the comic strip to the cardstock. You can put comic strips on both sides of your new bookmark if you like. If you want to add a tassel, just punch a small hole near the top of the bookmark and double knot the tassel there. It should be about twice as long as the bookmark itself.

This green activity is fun for adults and kids alike. You can make lots of these handy crafts to keep your place in all your favorite texts. And they’re a great way to show off your favorite comic book heroes.