Easy and Fun Bunny Craft for Kids

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Easter Foam Mounting Dots

Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner. And whether or not your family will be celebrating the holiday, this bunny craft is sure to be a big hit with your little ones. All you need is our Front Porch Treasures Foam Mounting Dots, a white plastic cup, pink and white foam, white pipe cleaners, googly eyes, a marker, and scissors. It’s the ideal activity for toddlers, although you will need to handle the scissors and marker. We recommend using the Foam Mounting Squares instead of glue; they’re safe for kids and there’s no chance of spilling.

Cut the foam pieces for the ears and nose, and trim the pipe cleaners to the desired length. Then, let the kids have fun affixing the pieces using the Foam Mounting Squares. Draw the mouth on, and you’re all set. These fun decorative pieces can be displayed anywhere you like, and the kids can have plenty of fun playing with them. The ingredients are all safe, so even your youngest kids can get in on the fun. We want to wish you a happy Easter and a wonderful spring season.

[Photo Credit: www.browzer.net]

Super Glue Makes a Great Varnish

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Super Glue Varnish Super Glue Varnish Table


[Photo Credit: www.danenbergboatworks.com]

In addition to joining virtually any material together, Super Glue makes a world-class wood varnish. In fact, in many ways it exceeds the properties of regular wood varnishes. To use Super Glue as a wood varnish, just apply a liberal amount to the surface of the wood and spread it evenly using a flat piece of plastic. We have heard that one of those promotional credit cards that you often get in the mail works great for this purpose. Once the glue is evenly applied, it’s just a matter of waiting for it to set.

The advantages of using Super Glue over traditional wood varnish are significant. First, Super Glue doesn’t lead to grain raise, a swelling of the wood that occurs with varnish. If you’ve ever applied varnish to wood, you know the amount of time spent sanding and reapplying varnish over and over again, since the varnish causes the wood to swell and makes the surface uneven. But with Super Glue, the set is so fast that this swelling never occurs. One coat and a light sanding is usually all you need.

Another advantage is the rock hard nature of Super Glue. Using it instead of varnish actually allows you to turn soft woods, like redwood, into hard, shiny surfaces. After applying a coat, your wood will look and feel like a polished hardwood.

Because of the volume of glue needed, this isn’t the best way to handle large projects like a wooden deck. But for small projects, Super Glue beats regular wood varnish hands down.

[Source: www.popularmechanics.com]


Super Glue Eyeglass Repair Tips from the MythBusters

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Super Glue Mythbusters super glue glasses repair mythbusters


Have you ever had to fix a pair of sunglasses on the fly? We recently came across an interview with Adam and Jamie from MythBusters, where the dynamic duo of do-it-yourself shared some of their tips for using Super Glue. Jamie offered this anecdote about repairing Adam’s eyeglasses while on a shoot:

Once, when we were on a MythBusters shoot, Adam broke his black horn-rims at the bridge. Even a CA [cyanoacrylate/Super Glue] is not real strong on small surfaces, so I made a sort of fiberglass. I took a piece of cotton cloth, wrapped it around the joint, and let the glue soak in and kick. I colored the cloth with a black Sharpie, and Adam was back at work in 5 minutes. – [PopularMechanics.com]

Combining Super Glue with cotton to create a makeshift fiberglass patch is a genius way to increase the surface area, and therefore the strength, of the adhesive. However, be careful not to get Super Glue on the lens. The glue cannot be removed from the lens without ruining them. The bridge of your glasses may be too small for a permanent bond to be created, but Jamie’s quick fix solves the problem perfectly, Have you ever tried this unique solution to a common repair problem?

Plastic-Fuse Bonds the Toughest Thermoplastic Polymers

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Future Glue - Plastic ChairFuture Glue Gel

[Photo Credit: Wikipedia]

If you have ever tried repairing certain kinds of plastics, you may have noticed that most common types of glue have difficulty getting the job done. Most of the time, these plastics are part of a group of materials known as thermoplastic polymers, the most common of which are polyethylene and polypropylene. These plastics can be found in many common household products, including furniture (such as the chair pictured above), toys, sports equipment, containers, and radio-control airplanes.

When products like these break, just reach for Plastic-Fuse to put the pieces back together. While standard Super Glue and other adhesives are ill-suited for bonding polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, Plastic-Fuse is specifically designed for this purpose. It is actually recommended for use on polyethylene and polypropylene products, allowing you to save your casual furniture and prized toys with ease.

Anyone who has used Plastic-Fuse can attest to its strong hold and ease of use. If you have used it to repair any of your treasured belongings, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us how you use Plastic-Fuse or any of our other products today!

Bondini Everything Gel Repairs Arrows with Ease

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Bondini Gel Arrow Repair Bondini Gel


[Photo Credit: www.biggamehunt.net]

Bondini Everything Gel, the versatile glue that bonds irregular and dirty surfaces, has a variety of uses in sports. We recently came across this article on repairing arrow fletching, one of the most common and repairable damages that can occur while practicing archery. Fortunately, Bondini makes fletching repair a cinch.

Provided there is no additional damage to the arrow shaft, attaching new fletching can be performed in just a few steps. First, you’ll want to remove any excess glue from the shaft where the fletching came off. You can view an example here, where the old glue is scraped off with a knife. Next, place the arrow in a fletching jig, a handy device that provides perfect alignment. Place the fletching in one of the arms of the jig and apply the Bondini along the edge of the fletching. Close the jig around the shaft to allow the gel to set, and you’ll have a perfectly repaired arrow in no time.

Numerous archers across message boards swear by Bondini for their fletching repair because it goes on easily and bonds securely to the rounded surface of the arrow shaft. There’s a whole world of unique sports repairs made possible by the state-of-the-art adhesives we produce here at Super Glue Corporation, and we want to share them all. If you have any unique uses for Bondini, we want to hear from you. Share your stories with us any time.

Organize Your Electronic Cables

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Electronic Cables Super GlueSuper Glue

[Photo Courtesy: Pad Gadget]

We recently came across this great idea for keeping your electronic cables organized. These days, most people have a handful of cables that they need at arm’s length at all times. However, these cables can often slip off the top of your desk and end up on the floor. Luckily, keeping these cables handy is fairly easy using a piece of metal, some Neodymium magnets, and The Original Super Glue.

Neodymium magnets can be taken from old electronics or purchased relatively cheaply online. These special magnets are much stronger than ceramic magnets and need to be handled carefully. If you have a pacemaker or use other electronic medical devices, you may need to avoid magnets.

To keep your cables organized, the first thing you will need to do is affix the Neodymium magnets to the cables. Using a drop of Super Glue, attach one magnet to the head of each cable (the end you need to have on hand). Hold the magnet against the cable for a few seconds to allow the glue to set.

Next, take a small metal sheet and attach it to the top of your desk. You can use double-sided tape, such as Front Porch Treasures Foam Mounting Tape, to make the job quick and easy. Then, just place your newly magnetic cables on the metal sheet to keep them handy at all times.


Shattered Porcelain is No Match for The Original Super Glue

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Super Glue Toilet Fix Super Glue Toilet Fix 2

[Photo Credit: Tony D.]

A broken toilet tank lid can be difficult to replace, especially if you have an older model fixture. So what do you do if you drop the lid, say on your tile floor? Just reach for The Original Super Glue, of course. Continuing its reputation as one of the most versatile adhesives on the market, Super Glue was able to put the pieces back together (and keep them there) after this unfortunate bathroom mishap.

From Tony D. in West Covina:

While doing some plumbing work we accidentally dropped the toilet tank lid. Lucky for us, it only broke in three pieces. Before we were going to make a run to Home Depot, we reached for the Super Glue. It set so fast, we didn’t even have to use a clamp. The cracks are still there, but the lid is solid.

With the quick set and firm hold, a broken piece of porcelain is an easy fix for Super Glue. To fix the appearance of visible cracks, we suggest using our White Porcelain Repair. Just sand off the excess glue along the cracks and apply the White Porcelain Repair evenly. It dries white, meaning you shouldn’t even be able to see the cracks when you’re done.

Super Glue for Gardening: Tree Grafting Made Easy

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Super Glue Gardening

Super Glue









[Photo Credit: www.walterreeves.com]

We recently came across this DIY gardening article about grafting a Bartlett pear onto a Keiffer pear tree, and it turns out they had great success using Super Glue to do so. And while we aren’t gardening experts by any stretch, the results shown above seem to speak for themselves. Judging by the picture and the information in the article, it seems like the grafted portioned of the pear tree was able to thrive following this simple procedure.

According to the article, the gardener started by cutting the branches at complementary angles so that they could be joined together. Then, he placed a dab of Super Glue on the surface to be joined together (not so much that it would spill out the sides when pushed together, he adds). We would suggest using our Leather & Wood Super Glue, as it creates the best wood bond. According to the article, the glue held well enough that it didn’t slip or move as he wrapped the area in paper medical tape and painted over it with tree wound dressing.

It’s good to know that Super Glue can be used to hold a tree graft together and still allow the plant to thrive. If any of you gardeners out there have used Super Glue in your gardens, we’d love to hear from you. Good luck with your growing adventures!

Making More Memories with Extra Thick Foam Mounting Squares

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Foam Mounting Squares - Making Memories

 [Photo Credit: Frank Garcia]

Our friend Frank Garcia over at Prima Marketing Inc. recently held another scrapbooking workshop using our Extra Thick Foam Mounting Squares. Many people turned out to learn Frank’s tried and true scrapbooking techniques, which regularly include the use of our Foam Mounting Squares. Check out the amazing depth achieved using these adhesive squares in one of the pictures above.

Frank has been using our product for so long that many of the people who take his class know him as “Foam Square Frank.” We were extremely proud to be a sponsor at Frank’s Prima ArtVenture event and would like to encourage anyone interested in scrapbooking to check him out at http://www.primamarketinginc.com/.  His next event is being held in Canada on April 11th.

If you have any pictures of your own art projects using our Foam Mounting Squares, or any other Super Glue product, we’d love to hear from you. Please tell us your story any time!

2014 Odyssey of the Mind Problem #4 “The Stackable Structure” Uses Balsa Wood & Glue

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Each year creative students, from elementary school through college, participate in Odyssey of the Mind programs around the world.  Aspiring engineering students often choose the Balsa Wood and Glue structure building, weight bearing problem.  This year, as in year’s past, the Balsa Wood & Glue problem is being sponsored by Nasa.  Here’s the problem synopsis:

Problem 4:  The Stackable Structure

Teams will design and build a structure made up of separate components stacked on top of one another.  The structure components will be made of only balsa wood and glue, and will be tested by balancing and supporting weights after they are stacked.  Teams will be scored for the number of components they use in their final structure.  Before they are stacked, the separate components will be integrated into an artistic representation of the Earth.  The team will include the stacking of the components, placement of the weights, and Earth into the theme of its performance.

You can see from the specific instructions that there are many problem-solving challenges involved with this particular structure building project.  One of the important decisions all teams will make is what glue they use to build their structure.  We recommend our ZAP CA glues (preferably medium viscosity although this is something teams should test on their own prior to building their competition-grade structure).  Here is an excellent video showing the best way to cut the balsa wood and apply the cyanoacrylate (CA) to the joints.  Note:  We love the tip of using the packing tape as a surface on which to apply the glue as the balsa wood and super glue can be lifted off of the packing tape with little or no sticking!  We also recommend using Zip Kicker as the accelerator for the ZAP CAs.

[Video Credit:  NC Science Olympiad:  How to Glue Balsa]

We encourage Odyssey of the Mind teams working on this challenge to share your stories with us as you progress through the local, state, national and international competitions.  Good luck to all!!  We support your willingness to take on these creative, problem-solving challenges in an effort to expand your thinking skills!!