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Besides the potent bonding power of the adhesives, one of the greatest strengths of Super Glue products is their extensive versatility - a nearly limitless range of application uses!

Super Glue products are extremely fast curing and provide high bond strengths on nearly all plastic and rubber materials. Our wide range of products are useful in almost all industries, from simple arts and crafts to highly techical industrial and automotive sectors. If you need something to be fastened quickly with precision and strength, our products are right for you!

Unlike many other types on the market, Bondini products are excellent on dirty, oily or similarly soiled surfaces, making them the perfect adhesives for action sporting demands, including surfing, skating, fly-fishing and other bonding needs or repairs.

The Pro Seal Automotive line of products are specially formulated to withstand the extremes common to car engines, making them the perfect solution for automobile repairs, including gasket replacement, radiator and gas tank repair, and hose and belt maintenance.

SuperUNiX is a New Universal Instant Xtreme Adhesive from Super Glue. Experience its xtreme power as a universal bonding agent with instant speed, xtreme strength, xtreme safety and shockproof flexibilities.

And finally, the orginal Super Glue line of products is the ideal glue for countless uses, ranging from household tasks and repairs to cosmetic adhesives to personal crafts and office applications.

Super Glue products have hundreds of uses - find which ones work best for you!

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