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Pacer Industrial Light Curing Glue

Not only an instant adhesive our line of Light Curing CA’s bond on COMMAND!

Need an instant 5 second bond? Zap IT® with the light! Need time to reposition your pieces? No problem. Arrange and rearrange your pieces until they are just right. Then, Zap IT® and be done! Forgot the light? Just wait 1-2 minutes and the pieces will bond without the light.

The key is the unique dual cure system that allows the adhesive to cure with or without the light, giving the customer flexibility in completing the project. This system also ensures that the adhered surface is cured throughout the bond and not just where the bond is visible! The bond line is dry to the touch so no dust will stick to the cured surface.

Odorless, gap filling, paintable, sandable and strong! This glue works on virtually everything. The perfect glue for every situation!


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