History Of Super Glue

Since its heralded beginning, the powerful adhesive known as Super Glue has enjoyed a rich history - including an imaginative element of mythology! Though urban legend describes the glue as an accidental solution to battle wounds during World War II, its actual evolution is a little different.

The original cyanoacrylates (the chemical name for the glue) were discovered in 1942 in a search for materials to make clear plastic gun sights for the war, and scientists stumbled upon a formulation that stuck to everything that it came in contact with. However, cyanoacrylates were quickly rejected by American researchers precisely because they stuck to everything! In 1951, cyanoacrylates were rediscovered by Eastman Kodak researchers Harry Coover and Fred Joyner, who recognized its true commercial potential, and it was first sold as a commercial product in 1958.

We are proud to have Super Glue in our extensive family of products and look forward to the future evolution of this magical adhesive!

The Story Behind the Hanging Car - Super Glue Corporation Logo:

A radio station had heard about super glues and decided to put them to the test at a local junk yard. Among the super glues tested were many of the National Brands on the market today. The test was to hold a hanging car from a crane and the Super Glue Corporation product was the best! (Some of our competitor's currently have "hanging things" like people, & television sets, but nothing compares to the strength of our hanging car.)


We would like to acknowledge Dr. Dave Dunn for providing us with this article. Dr. Dave is a consultant to the adhesives and sealants industry and writes a monthly column for Adhesives and Sealants magazine entitled "Ask Dr. Dave". His website is Dr. Dave was privileged to nominate Dr. Coover for induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

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