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Front Porch Treasures® is the latest brand to be launched by Super Glue Corporation. These high quality scrapbooking products are perfect for hobbyists specializing in crafts and custom stationery projects. All of the products in the line are acid free, lignin free, photo-safe and permanent.

Individual, double-sided dots and squares come in a variety of sizes to create pop, dimension, and depth to pop-up books, scrapbooks, invitations, note cards, and a wide range of creative products. Stack the double-sided dots and squares on top of each other and you can create all kinds of optical illusions.

The double-sided glue tape dispenser works great on photos, models, prototypes, foam board and paper as well and allows for a brief period of repositioning before the glue tape becomes permanently adhered.

Enjoy the confidence of knowing your memories and photos are intact and your creations can be shared with future generations!

Front Porch Treasures Product Knowledge Video from Super Glue Corporation on Vimeo.

High Quality Scrapbooking Products are perfect
for Craft and Stationery Hobbyists.
superglueFront Porch Treasures® items add pop, punch, depth, and dimension to your creative projects.
superglueAll items are Acid Free, Lignin Free, Photo Safe and Permanent.
superglueFront Porch Treasures® Products are all double-sided so you can create big or small pop-up effects depending on your
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