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Bondini® Glue is a high-performing, versatile, and incredibly strong glue, and is the latest development from Super Glue Corporation. Bondini® represents a breakthrough in bonding technology. Unlike many other types on the market, the glue works on dirty, oily or similarly soiled surfaces and bonds up to 10% faster, making Bondini® the perfect adhesive for the garage, shop, or any other dirty environment. Furthermore, Bondini® works magic on materials where other glues fail, such as wood, nylon, and vinyl. Sports enthusiasts love how Bondini® penetrates into preassembled and close-fitting parts, making building and maintaining delicate projects easier.

Bondini® glue comes in a variety of products to suit your individual needs. It is primarily packaged in a dropper for quick and easy application, but many people have also enthusiastically embraced the brush-on bottle application, perfect for when an even coat on a large area is needed. In gel form, Bondini® glue provides the security to bond large breaks in wood, ceramics, brick, and even soft leather.

Enjoy the magic of exceptional bonding strength today!

Bondini® bonds instantly to these materials and more!

Bondini® products are ideal for all your household projects:
Use Bondini® for all of your recreational needs, from fly fishing to household repairs.
superglueArts & Crafts
Whether it's beads or wood, fabric or pottery, Bondini® is a great tool for all arts & crafts.
Bondini® is perfect for sport equipment repairs. It sticks to almost anything!
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